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Performances Recorded Order CD Order DVD
Handel’s Messiah 12/4/2016

Handel’s Messiah 3 CD Set

Handel’s Messiah DVD

Casey at the Bat and other baseball songs 4/24/2016

Casey at the Bat CD

Casey at the Bat DVD

Magnificat! selections by Bach, Mozart, Purcell, and Vivaldi 12/6/2015

Magnificat! CD

Magnificat! DVD

The Vienna Connection (Haydn and Schubert) 4/25/2015

The Vienna Connection CD

The Vienna Connection DVD

The French Connection: Faure’s Requiem and other works by French Composers. 12/7/2014

The French Connection: CD

The French Connection: DVD

Judas Maccabaeus 4/27/2014

Judas Maccabaeus CD

Judas Maccabaeus DVD

Puccini Messa di Gloria and other works 12/8/2013

Puccini Messa di Gloria CD

Puccini Messa di Gloria DVD

Masterworks by Haydn, Mozart and Others 4/28/2013

Masterworks CD

Masterworks DVD

Brahms Requiem 12/2/2012

Brahms Requiem 2 CD Set

Brahms Requiem DVD

Most CD’s are $15 each and the DVD’s are $20, shipping included. (Multi CD sets are $20.)

You can also place an order by sending a request by email, please specify the performance, format, and quantity you are interested in, along with your address. Click here to send an email to Thank you.