Join us for Renaissance Music April 28

Enjoy the choral music of history's first rock star:

Renaissance Man

Josquin Des Prez

Hear the harmonious vocals of Europe's first known-everywhere composer.  The first sheet music printed in Renaissance Venice was of Josquin.  It's what Christopher Columbus was listening to!


Holy Haydn! was a tremendous success.

Holy HAYDN!  Beacon and Brewster

Our Haydn event (December 2018) is now part of our history. About 400 people attended the two performances. Nice houses and an artistic success. Thanks to ALL!

Our debut in Beacon was a full house and the patrons were very enthusiastic. Thanks for the hospitality and support of Fr. Smith and his congregations at the Church of St. Joachim - St. John the Evangelist.


Photos: Larry Baglio,